OPLC Annoucement

The Relay is On.

Original Hungary OPLC
Manufacturing in Hong Kong, China
12 Dec 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Overpressured Layer Chromatography (OPLC) is a powerful separation technique that uses a solvent pump to deliver eluent into a pressurized ultramicro chamber containing an analytical or preparative planar adsorbent bed to separate the components of a mixture.

OPLC-NIT Ltd., Hungary, is a pioneer of OPLC technology in the world, lead by Prof. Ernõ Tyihák, Dr. Emil Mincsovics and other experts in the company. These experts have contributed to the evolution of OPLC equipment and to its applications in various fields.

OPLC has a number of distinct features that makes this technology useful in a number of applications such as forensic analysis, organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, food safety, agriculture, environmental protection, natural products and particularly in Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials.

Unlike closed HPLC column, living cells (e.g. bacterial cells) can grow well on open silica layer, and biological detection and interactions of separated substances in site in the adsorbent layers will be a crucial and indispensable methodological solution for isolation, identification and characterization of new antimicrobials, antineoplastics, biopesticides as well as for studying fundamental biochemical reactions and mechanisms [E.Tyihák, et al., J.Chromatogr. A(2011), doi:10.1016/j.chroma.2011.11.049].

In addition to in situ detection of active components on open silica layer using direct bioautography, Prof. Tyihák et al. introduced the BioArena System to further exploit the potential of biological detection on open silica layer using aimed series of endogenous and/or exogenous molecules (cofactors). Interaction of microbial indicator cells, the separated components and different cofactors in situ in the spots of the absorbent layer leads to new possibilities in bioassay-guided detection, fractionation and isolation.

OPLC, with its high efficiency and online fraction collection capability, is an ideal chromatographic technique used in the BioArena System. This bioassay-guided isolation of active compounds can be well applied to Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials.

To realize the multiple potential of the OPLC in China, particularly in the Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials market, it is natural to consider making OPLC equipment close to its market.

JC Scientific Co. Ltd. has been distributing OPLC products for a decade. In year 2012, there was an opportunity for JC Scientific Co. Ltd. to purchase the OPLC technology and products from the OPLC manufacturer, OPLC-NIT Ltd.

All the experts in OPLC-NIT have worked well beyond their retirement age and JC Scientific sees the potential of the OPLC technology in China, particularly in the Traditional Medicinal Materials market. JC Scientific Co. Ltd. and OPLC-NIT are happy to enter into a purchase agreement and see the successful execution of this transfer. Manufacturing of OPLC equipment and sealing of OPLC plates are now shifted from Hungary to Hong Kong SAR, PRC. JC Scientific is honored to take up the responsibility of continuing the development of OPLC technology through a close cooperation with the pioneers in this field, including Prof. Tyihák, and Dr. Mincsovics, in both application and product development. I am here wish to express my sincere thanks to their kind support and contribution to the development of OPLC technology.

Joseph Wong
Managing Director
JC Scientific Co. Ltd.

The Relay is On.

From left to right: Dr. Emil Mincsovics, Mr. Joseph Wong and Professor Ernõ Tyihák.